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Hello March!

March 8, 2021

The arrival of March means spring is almost here. We can finally bid farewell to wintery days and start looking forward to an abundance of warmer days just around the corner! As we transition to the new season, winter-themed decorations are taken down and spring ones are put up. The landscaping outside is tended to and new plants are planted. While we are always diligent about staying clean and sanitized, at spring time we dig deeper and go through files, clear out drawers, clean out old paperwork, etc. Feels good to freshen up!

This year is extra special for us because we are celebrating 20 years in this location! Of course, the pandemic has curtailed many of our plans to celebrate the 20 wonderful years of serving the dental needs of our families in the Farmington Valley, but we will definitely be marking this major milestone in some fun fashion. We are also currently in the midst of redesigning our website with a whole new fresh look to reflect who we are and to be able to better connect with our patients and their families online.

Our team also has another reason to celebrate as almost everyone has had their second vaccination as of right now. Now that the majority of our team is vaccinated, we will be seeing lots of new patients that we were not able to see over the winter, especially our littlest ones who are more vulnerable since they don’t generally wear masks! We have set aside certain days just for them!

As the days gradually warm up, the team looks forward to spending more time in the outdoors participating in some of their most favorite activities like walking, bike riding, playing outside with the little ones in our families, day trips to lakes or beaches, getting gardens ready for spring planting, opening windows to let in the fresh air. The list is endless!

The spring is also a great time to refocus on our health. Eating healthy foods keeps not only our bodies strong but also our teeth! We suggest staying away from sugary treats as they can cause cavities. Brush and floss regularly to help reduce plaque build-up on teeth. This, in turn, can help reduce plaque in our bodies — especially our hearts! Also, make sure you are drinking plenty of water on a daily basis. Drinking water has oral health benefits you might not realize such as washing away acids and food from our mouths.

We wish you a warm and safe start to your Spring season. We hope to see you and your family in our office again soon.

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